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Based in Hutchinson, Kansas, Piranha has long been recognized as the Number One brand of ironworkers. Their machines are simple in design, heavy in construction, and outfitted with efficient and safe operator features. Piranha believes in continuous improvement and is dedicated to providing their customers with products that increase their productivity and profitability.

Companies who fabricate metal parts for production or maintenance expect a contribution to profit from the machines they buy. For more than 20 years, Piranha Ironworkers have met that expectation by offering outstanding American made machines with both quality and innovative features. Piranha work stations are at a consistent, ergonomic level throughout the entire machine. Easily adaptable to material feed systems without the need to adjust the height between stations.


  1. Urethane Stripper Attachment - keeps material flat through the punching process, eliminating distortion.  The shorter required stroke gives you a faster punching cycle.
  2. Mechanical Shear Hold-downs - clamps material at change of material thickness.  Part movement is eliminated by clamping the part throughout the entire shearing cycle.
  3. Visibility - a direct line of sight over the hold down bar allows the operator to easily and accurately line up cuts to the shear blades.
  4. Flat Bar Shear - the low rake angle shear design results in flatter and higher quality sheared parts.  Shear blades have four useable edges giving you a longer life and less expensive blades.
  5. Angle Shear - the square upper angle knife has four cutting radiuses to better fit the angle being sheared, giving you lower distortion and a higher quality cut.
  6. Coper Notcher - the low rake angle blade keeps part flat and under control during notching.