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Whether you are making holes onsite, in fabrication or factory applications, Hougen Rotabroach Annular Cutters, Portable Magnetic Drills, Electro-hydraulic Hole Punchers and Accessories can help you be more productive, more profitable by getting the job done faster and with greater accuracy.

The Hougen Family of Magnetic Base Drills

From the light and compact 90 degree frame drill (only 20 lbs) to the robust model 10915 that will drill 3" diameter thru 3" steel - still only 69lbs!

New Hougen Copperhead Carbide Tip Cutters

Hougen Rotabroach "12,000 - Series" Annular Cutters

Feature durable grade carbide insert for extended tool life when used with Hougen Mag Drills on abrasive and tough-to-cut materials. The unique Hougen design also includes a special tooth geometry that helps maintain better chip flrow than other brands. They are resharpenable and are available in diameters from 9/16" up to 1-1/2" in 2" depth of cut.

For use with Hougen Portable Magnetic Drills on materials up to 275 BHN. Made of hardened, high speed tool steel and precision ground, cutters feature a 3/4" diameter shank (models HMD915 and HMD916 require adapter #02386) and are available in 1, 2 and 3" depth of cut. Plus, modified end tooth geometry for stacked plate drilling is available. Rotabroach Cutters are resharpenable.

You'll punch more holes, more often, in more places all in less time using a Hougen-Ogura Punch-Pro Electro-hydraulic Hole Puncher because of its light weight and single body construction. Unlike hole punchers with separate hydraulics that require hydraulic hoses, the Punch-Pro seriesd has unique single-body construction meaning there is only a 115v power cord to deal with. Punch-Pro models require less tonnage than traditional hole punchers because of an exclusive punch and die design. Five Punch-Pro models offer punching diameters from 1/4" up to 15/16" thru material thicknesses from 5/64" up to 1/2".