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Since 1930, Ficep has been successfully producing machines and systems for the steel construction industry. They are a leader in the steel fabricating industry.

Automatic CNC Drilling, Marking and Thermal Cutting Systems

CNC Plate Processing

Finally a product line of CNC plate processing centers that can do it all! Punch, Drill, Mill, Tap, Countersink, Scribe, Mark, Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Cut.The ability to generate holes by punching and drilling (up to 5" in thickness) in the same CNC plate processing center affords the user unprecedented versatility.

Plate and Structural Shotblasting

For over twenty years the FICEP organization has been supplying shot blasting roller conveyor lines and painting systems as a complement to our structural fabrication lines. The need to comply with strict paint specifications has dictated shot blasting as a prerequisite to painting. Whether it's just a primer or finished coat, shot blasting before painting has proven to be the best process to obtain the required paint specification.

A166 Auto CNC Punch, Drill, Mark and Shear - 19 Models of Angle

The Ficep angle line systems typically eliminate the manual layout and automates the production of holes, notches, part marking and cutting of the finished part to length! This type of automation enables a firm to process, in the most efficient manner, these miscellaneous shapes by going from stock length material to finished parts in one automated CNC operation. The Ficep systems typically eliminate the manual layout operations and automates material handling, production of holes, notches, part marking and cutting the finished part to length!

Excalibur - Single Spindle CNC Drilling with Tool Changer -

Able to process up to a 40" beam, channel, angle, T's, base plates, tube and weldments. If you can clamp it, you can drill it. Table lengths up to 60' long for staging material.

Requires less than one-half the space of a conventional CNC drill line.

  • The value of the investment is less than half that of a multiple spindle drilling line.
  • Wireless remote control enhances the operator's productivity by 30% over designs without this feature!
  • The non contact laser probing system accurately locates the flange holes relative to the web without any time loss to probe the web surface!
  • The Excalibur 12 features a Windows based CNC control for ease of operator familiarity and the ability for our tech support group to assist the operator or remotely troubleshoot a problem should it develop.
  • The monthly cost to purchase this CNC line is traditionally less than the cost of a layout man with benefits!
  • Typically the payback is one year or less!

Liberty - 3 Spindle CNC Drill Line

Automatic 3-Spindle CNC Beam Drill up to a 24" x 80" Profile!

  • Rack and pinion positioning and measuring achieves an accuracy level that is second to none.
  • The positioning accuracy is not effected by rust, scale, ice or snow on the section
  • Automatic stock length measuring before the section is processed
  • The positive rack and pinion system does not require calibration for changes in material type or conditions.

Ball screw spindle feed with uniform feed rate for exceptional tool life and the ability to:

  • Mill for slotted holes
  • Countersink
  • Tap
  • Scribing
  • Spindle speeds up to 5,000 RPM to maximize the utilization of carbide tools for drilling rates 10 times that of typical oil hole drills.
  • The drill spindle and head feed as one unit for maximum rigidity
  • Coolant through the spindle or external coolant capability per the program
  • The Ficep drill spindle like today's machining centers employs a spindle drive which eliminates the need for internal gears to reduce maintenance cost.
  • Automatic tool changing on each spindle
  • When different hole sizes are required in a section or from one section to the next, the tool is changed per the program
  • Eliminates operator error
  • When the drill requires replacement the software automatically changes the tool to a new drill of the same diameter.
  • The full range of spindle speeds is available for any tool that is loaded into the magazine.
  • The software automatically changes the required feeds and speeds based upon the tool that is loaded into the spindle.
  • The fixed spindle design, mechanical feed and synchronization of the spindle feed and speed permits not just drilling but also
  • Scribing
  • Milling for slotted holes
  • Countersinking
  • Tapping

FRC - Automatic CNC Coping System

Automatic CNC Coping Machine with Plasma AND Oxy Torches. Automatic Tool Changer Profiles up to 32" x 100"

Ficep Robot Model FRC with Laser Scanning has Proven to be up to 60% Faster than robots that have to Mechanically Probe for Each Cut! Ficep first introduced the utilization of a robot for plasma cutting of structural shapes over 20 years ago. Since the very beginning the design featured a Cartesian Robot in conjunction with a PlasmaTorch/Oxy-Torch

Automatic Systems

Intelligent fabrication starts by enabling a fabricator to simulate a job or production sequences in conjunction with his erection needs to optimize the fabrication process. Once the optimum sequence is determined, the material can be loaded and then scanned onto the material handling system to start the fabrication process. The Win-Handling software then optimizes the handling steps, process selection and completes the fabrication operation in the most efficient manner and without the requirement for the programmer/operator to directly drive the programming and system operation.

Ficep's Manufacturing Facilities

Ficep was founded in 1930 in the tiny village of Gazzada, Italy at the foot of the Swiss Alps. Four generations have followed in this family business dedicating both time and effort with a passion for the quest to excel in the niche sectors of steel construction and forging industries.

In 2010 the company celebrated its first 80 years with an even closer eye on the future.