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Today, manufacturers of punched parts are all facing the same challenges: they need to produce more complex parts in lower lot sizes, with greater quality, in less time. They need to process a variety of materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, and copper... in any given sequence. And instead of merely punching they also need to form embosses, beads, louvers, knockouts, and the like. So where can a manufacturer find that kind of flexibility? Right here at EUROMAC.

Flexible CNC Punching Presses

Euromac hydraulic punching presses are designed for accuracy and reliability.  Euromac starts with a normalized Meehanite mono-block C-frame.  Then employ innovative machining technique that assures absolute punch and die alignment.  Everywhere you look, they've built in quality that will make a productive impact in your shop
Standard Features:

  • Durable punching head - Euromac's extra-long guide system is hardened and permanently integrated into the casting for extremely long life.
  • Dual positioning pins - for fastest production, Euromac's punching controller automatically selects from one of two sheet positioning pins, based on the sheet size.
  • Hydraulic sheet repositioning system - this automated system allows CNC-controlled punching in the clamping area and on extra-long sheets.
  • Monoblock construction - Euromac's normalized Meehanite steel casting (65 Kg/mm2) virturally eliminates deflection and lateral movement, providing accurate punching.
  • Double guiding system - precision-ground and hardened guides and ball screws provide durability and repeatability for high-precision production.
  • Quick change tool system - Euromac's fast, safe hydraulic punch and die locking system enables trouble-free tool change-overs in as little as 10 seconds.

Euromac Electric Press Brake

  • 22 Ton x 32" & 44 Ton x 60"
  • Rigid cast Monoblock Frame for maximum rigidity and least deflection
  • Direct drive Pull-Down motor - No unnecessary links and moving parts
  • Panasonic Toughbook Control with anti-glare LCD screen, water and dust resistant, impact resistant, Windows 7
  • Available from 2 to 6 Axes
  • Available with WILA New Standard of American Tooling

Euromac FX Bend Robotic Press Brake Cell

Quick and easy. The first automated bending cell ready to use.

With already operative predisposed parametrized programs. 
FX bend cell offers different already set up production programs for the most common working. The parametrized programs bypass the teaching stage, permitting to save time by using control panel of the machine.

Integrated structure between machine and robot. 
The system originates as unique element, with integrated robot on the structure of FX bend. A robotized production cell is already operative in just 15 sq.m. of space. 

System completely realized by Euromac. 
Euromac provides a complete solution, designing and developing every single element of the structure, from machine to the robot integration, until the software that runs the production. A complete, reliable and friendly-use system.

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Euromac FX Bend Robotic Press Brake Cell

Euromac FX Bend with IRIS Plus RapidBend Ultimate Performance Technology

Euromac Multi-Purpose Notching Machines

A Euromac Multi is much more than a notcher - it's a full-featured fabrication center!  Multi's are ideal for creating prototypes and short runs, with notching, punching, bending, radiusing, and rectangular cutting - all in one machine!  Plus, the back station can also be used as a multi-purpose press, for even more flexibility.
Standard Features:

  • Tool-Holder for punching - accepts conventional Trumpf-style round, square and shaped tools up to 50mm in diameter.
  • Press brake tooling - bends metal up to 415mm long (5mm thick) without disrupting your larger press brake
  • Rectangular cutting unit - for cutting slots (25 x 100/150mm) in materials up to 4mm thick.
  • Radiusing unit - various pre-sets for instant corner radiusing (3-15mm radii) in materials up to 6mm thick.
  • Variable angle notching - infinitely adjustable from 30 degrees to 140 degrees (variable-angle models only)

Euromac Versatile CNC Bending Machines

Euromac bending machines give you the power and versatility to execute a wide variety of operations, from flat edge bending to punching and shearing.
Standard Features:

  • Single-post punch and die sets can enable you to bend as much as 5.75" high for half-inch thick flat bar.
  • Rotary tube bending tool bends tubing of up to 2" in diameter to a maximum of 180 degrees
  • With reverse flat bar bending, the bending punch moves towards the die.  This offers additional bending flexibility
  • Straightens metals - even sections up to 20" in thickness
  • Can handle bending of sheet metals with an extended height of up to 16"
  • Punch holes up to 1" in diameter in bar stock up to .40" thick with your Euromac 360 or 720 bender
  • Shear flat bar stock up to 5.75" x .50" thick
  • Bend up to 2" x .50" stock to angles as great as 90 degrees
  • Bend 1.25" round solid bars and 2" tubes up to 180 degrees
  • Bend flat stock and square solid bars as large as 2.75" x .50" up to 180 degrees
  • Bend 2" heavy-walled tubes to angles of up to 90 degrees