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ERMAKSAN has been producing sheet metal fabricating machines since 1980 and now is among the leading companies in the World which is proudly empowering its customers with high tech and durable machines.

Press Brakes

ermak-01 ermak-02 ermak-03

MICRO-BEND - CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

  • 44 Ton x 40"
  • Y1/Y2/X
  • Low invesment cost.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Minimum space requirement with compact design
  • Cybelec DNC600S, 9.4” 2D graphic screen
  • Quick Release Punch Clamps
  • Punch & 4-Way Die
  • Fast & Accurate (+/- .0004")

  POWER-BEND PRO - 3 Axis CNC Press Brake 

  • 44 to 440 Ton
  • Y1/Y2/X
  • Cybelec DNC600S, 9.4” 2D graphic screen.
  • Quick Release Punch Clamps
  • Punch & 4-Way Die
  • Fast & Accurate (+/- .0004")

Power-Bend Pro Series allow you to have more production capacity and prevent time loss on production.

New Power-Bend Pro is exactly what you need for your production where complicated, sensitive, single or multiple bends on high speed are paramount.

Power Bend Falcon - 
5 Axis CNC Press Brake

The Power Bend Falcon Package comes with Y1/Y2/X/R/CNC crowning, AKAS laser finger guard, sheet supports and tooling.
A great package at a great price!

  • 44 to 440 Ton
  • Y1/Y2/X/R/CNC Crowning
  • Quick Release Punch Clamps
  • Delem DA-58T Color LCD Screen, 15"
  • Punch & 4-Way Die
  • Fast & Accurate (+/- .0004")

Power-Bend Falcon Series are among the highest rated machines to increase productivity and keep costs low.  User friendly CNC controller and low cost hydraulic maintenance.

A nice, unique feature that Ermak offers...

This is the optional tool cabinet that is mounted on the side of our stock Speed Bend. Since the Rolleri tools come in 33" sections (plus the smaller segmented set) they are easy to handle by one person and fit nicely into this cabinet. This helps keep the precision tools safe from damage as well.

ermak-01 ermak-02 ermak-03 ermak-03
ermak-01 ermak-02 ermak-03

SPEED-BEND - Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake

Production time is the most important factor in maximizing profit in enterprises.
The Speed-Bend series is designed to enable speed and high quality production capability in order to decrease time per unit costs.

  • 44 to 1,650 Tons
  • Y1/Y2/X/R/Z1/Z2/CNC Crowning
  • Delem DA-66T Control w/ 17" High Resolution Screen
  • Quick Release Punch Clamps
  • Punch & 4-Way Die
  • Akas Laser Finger Guard
  • Sheet Support Arms
  • Rear Light Curtain
  • Fast & Accurate (+/- .0004")
HEAVY DUTY - Press Brake

The right choice for high tonnage and long bends.

ERMAKSAN Heavy Duty Press Brakes are specially made for the production of heavy machinery in industries such as transportation, wind turbines, power plants, defense industry.

  • 1,100 Ton to 3,300 Ton
  • 13' to 46' Single Beam
  • 2,200 Ton x 40' Tandem to
  • 13,200 Ton x 106' (4x Tandem)

Hybrid Press Brake 
121 to 275 Ton

Demand for Economical Machines is increasing due to rising Global energy prices. Ermaksan recognizes that customers are becoming more aware of their social responsibility. Customers require eco-friendly manufacturing that is both beneficial to the environment and their profit margins.
With this in mind, Ermaksan has used its 30 years’ experience in press brake manufacturing to present to you, the new generation Evolution II hybrid press brake series with less energy usage and more power.

  • Y1/Y2/X/R/Z1/Z2
  • CNC Crowning
  • 65% Less Energy
  • 95% Less Hydraulic Oil
  • +/- .0003" Accuracy
  • Delem DA-66T Control w/ 17" High Resolution Screen


ermak-01 ermak-02 ermak-03

HGD - Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear - 1/4" to 3/4"

A great solution for excellent standard equipment at a great price!

  • 40" Powered Back Gauge
  • 14" Throat
  • 40" Squaring Arm
  • (2) 40" Support Arms
  • Hydraulic Blade Gap Adjust
  • Rear Light Barrier

CNC HVR - Variable Rake Hydraulic Guillotine Shear - 1/4" - 1-1/2"

Excellent cut, perfect speed.
By choosing the new and improved CNC HVR, you will bring modern-day technology to your company with maximum safety, high accuracy and unique ease of use.

Blade gap, cutting angle cut width and cutting length are all adjusted based on material selection and thickness automatically.

Cybelec DNC60 Shear Control


  • Hydraulic Blade Gap
  • Rake Angle
  • Cut length
  • Cut Depth