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CY - Fiber Optic Lasers

CY - Fiber Optic Lasers

CY Fiber Optic Lasers are the Future in Lasers! They use half the power, have lower operating and maintenance costs and use less floor space when compared to a CO2 laser.


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Space Saving Side Load Design 5' x 10', 6.5' x 13', 6.5' x 20


Traditional End Load Design - Full Table Access 5' x 10' , 6.5' x 13', 8' x 13', 6.5' x 20', 8' x 20', 10' x 26


New "Compact" Model 4' x 8' with Shuttle Table


Revolutionary Fiber Optic Laser

Significantly Reduces Operating Costs Over Traditional CO2 Lasers

You can have this:


Old technology (glass tubes, seals,blowers, vacuum pumps, laser gas,bellows, up to 11 bend mirrors and high run cost)

Or this:


300,000 hr MTBF diode life solid statetechnology.

Advantages of the CY Fiber
Optic Laser
-NO mirrors
-NO bellows
-NO laser gasses
-NO purge gasses
-NO columnators
-NO beam optimizers
-NO glass tubes & gaskets
-NO turbins or blowers
-NO warm up time (instant "on")
-NOT affected by temperature or dust
-NO scheduled maintenance (no kidding!)


Samples of materials cut on the CY Fiber Laser

-300,000 hours MTBF diode life!
-Upgradeable power in 500 watt increments at any later date
-Cut from thin gauge to 1" thick
-Great for aluminum, brass, bronze & copper due to wave length and more concentrated beam
-Can add pipe/tube attachment to 20' long
-Tapping available
-Proven Technology - over 250 installations since 2005
-More profitable!!!

Extremely Low Operating Costs!

By eliminating most of the high-maintenance, power-consuming components of a CO2 laser system the CY Laser slashes operating costs by up to 75%. Imagine competing in the laser market with up to 75% lower cost than your competitors.

Comparison of CY Fiber Laser to CO2 Laser

CY Laser 4KW CO2 4KW Laser
33% Wall Plug Efficiency 8% Wall Plug Efficiency
$4/hour Run Cost $18/hour Run Cost
No Scheduled Maintenance High Maintenance Leads to Down Time
Zero Warm-Up Time Up to 30 Minute Start-Up Time



CY Fiber Laser Model 3015 with Pallet Changer @ Fabtech 2014 in Atlanta

cy-j cy-k
cy-l cy-m

End View with Pallet Changer


Samples of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum

CY High Brilliance Fiber Laser - Automation

cy-m cy-m cy-m
cy-m cy-m cy-m