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Hydraulic Box & Pan and Straight Brakes

  • Adjustable top leaf limit switch controls open height
  • Two position bending leaf angle bar
  • 6" box depth
  • Oil level sight gauge

Clausing Metal Muncher GB Series Gap-Bed Hydraulic Punch Press

Clausing/Metal Muncher GB Series is ideal as a dedicated Punch Press, but easily accepts a wide range of standard and optional accessories or can be fitted with special tooling to allow shearing or forming. The GB Series is a great buy for any shop that needs a solid, dependable, dedicated Punch Press, yet needs the ability to expand the capabilities of a press to allow shearing or forming for special jobs. Available in 40-ton through 135-ton standard models, the 40-ton machine has a 7" x 9" throat and 70-ton, 100-ton and 135-ton machines come standard with a 9" x 14" or a 18"

Clausing Metal Muncher Punch Accessories

Gauging Table

Heavy-duty table and adjustable roller stops allow easy material handling and multiple hole production

Portable Work Lamp 24" gooseneck lamp with magnetic base

Clausing Metal Muncher Shear Accessories

Flat Bar Production Plate
Material support table with squaring arm 12" x 24"
Coper-Notcher Production Plate
Material support table with squaring arm 18" x 18"
Hy-Performance Blade
Increases flat bar shearing capacity to 3/8" x 24" on 70 ton models and larger
Over-sizes 28XX & SpecialĀ 
Punches and Dies
Up to 6" diameter and large
Adjustable Work-Support Rollers
Fit on each end of press table (70 ton models and larger)
Shear Point (Picket) Tooling
Rod Shear
Mitering Angle Shear
Shear angles up to 6" x 6" x 1/2" at 90 degrees and 5" x 5" x1/2" at 45 degrees (70 ton models and larger)
Channel Shear
Cuts 2" to 8" standard channel/mild steel (70 ton models and larger)
Pipe Shear
Shear and pinch pipe or tubing up o 2-1/2" O.D.
Pipe Notcher
Sizes up to 3-1/2" O.D./pipe and round & square tubing
Special Brake Die Holder
with 9/16" slot in upper & lower to accommodate Press Brake Tooling (tooling not included)
Standard 4-Way Brake Set
Forms bends/lengths from 18" to 48" std.
Structural Die Block
Punch flanges and web on channel 3" thru 8" wide 1-1/4" O.D. Die
x 18" throat.

For a dependable Punch Press that will give you years of reliable service the Clausing/Metal Muncher GB Series should be your first choice.