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Chicago Dreis & Krump

Hydraulic Box & Pan and Straight Brakes

  • Adjustable top leaf limit switch controls open height
  • Two position bending leaf angle bar
  • 6" box depth
  • Oil level sight gauge

Dreis & Krump Hydraulic Box & Pan Brake

  • Heavy duty fingers
  • Clamp in nose bars on all Box and Pan machines
  • Radius nose bars optional

  • Rack and pinion back gauge
  • Single crank handle adjustment
  • 25-1/2" travel
  • Inch/metric scales
  • Simple bolt on design

Dreis & Krump Hydraulic Straight Brake

  • Clamp/unclamp foot switch allows operator mobility when loading and unloading material
  • 1/2" insert bar on standard machines
  • 1" insert bar on heavy duty machines
  • Compact hydraulic power unit features direct mount pump
  • Manifold mounted directional valves
  • Low operating pressure
  • Bolted nose bar and bottom bar for ease of replacement
  • Controls on side of machine
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Large cylinder attaches to massive hinge
  • Adjustable clamping pressure with mechanical overlock and reference scale

Chicago Dreis & Krump Power Leaf Brakes

  • Chicago D&K makes standard power leaf brakes in regular, medium and heavy duty capacities. All of them are equipped with power clamping and a motorized top leaf for increased efficiency, even the regular duty models.