The WDM B Series machines are built primarily for the sheet metal industry and small maintenance shops. To keep their cost low, the basic machine has few extras, although it does have the main WDM features of robust fabricated steel frame and sealed spherical roller bearings on main rolls.

The drive system is of hydraulic design with instant start, stop and reverse features. The bending roll can be angled for rolling tapered parts.

The machine is shipped complete and ready to run and only requires the application of power and topping off the hydraulic reservoir. The machine is then ready to produce accurate cylinders for you. There are many options you can add to enhance the machines. These include: special hardened and polished rolls, mechanical digital readouts, electrical digital readouts for roll position, special grooved rolls, starting grooves, bar and angle attachments, and many more.


Heavy duty all gear drive for rolls. Roller chain drive for
power bending adjustment.

Shows massive drive housing and arrangement. Series B-6 and B-7

Cone attachment mounted on drive end.


Show roll tilt sleeve in lock position.

Show roll tilt sleeve in lock position.

Drop end view of B machine shows location of electrical box, pinch roll adjusting hand wheel, and position scale. Notice the alloy steel bearing case and wedge screw arangment for accurate positioning of the pinch roll.


Heavy duty worn gear screw jack arrangment for positioning bending rolls. Alloy steel guide block holds SKF sealed sycpherical roller bearings.

Cone Attachment mounted on drop end.

Bending Roll Drive disconnect collar with detent position to allow tilting the back roll for rolling cones and similar parts.


Optional angle section dies to roll angle in pairs, flat bars on edge, squares, and small round bars. Pipe tubing and many other dies available.